About Aardy The Magician

His real name is David Welzman- but created the character Aardy for Saturday Disney for a 1 off TV appearance- and it was a popular appearance that replayed time and time again-  But David was busy travelling the world doing corporate shows- litte did David know at the time that this appearance on Saturday Disney was to be his saving grace.

Aardy (Really David Welzman) was a Corporate Magician who travelled the world performing Corporate Events specifically Trade Shows
After Winning the Merlin Award (Known as the magicians Oscars) at the height of his career and being asked to be the Magician representing Australia on USA's Great Magicians of the World TV program-Daves future seemed bright but then  Dave was struck down with an at the time incurable disease that without going into the nitty gritty of the disease kept him from travelling overseas- stopped him working.

There was a good 6 months of nothing and then with a lot of pain and a lot of effort David was reborn as Aardy- the character he created for Saturday Disney- to do Birthday Parties- Travel was light and easier than the corporate market and there were a great many surgeries though the years to keep the disease at bay but working locally was all the energy he could muster.

Aardy the magician is the most recognised name in childrens entertainment in Sydney- he is the magician most vacation cares trust for their magical entertainment.

fast forward to 2017: A cure of sorts was discovered that had a 70% of success (and a 30% of making the disease worse) Dave took on that gamble and won and is slowly being healed by the major surgery

As I type this about page in the 3rd person - I am still nursing the surgical wound - but each day I get stronger each day I am more motivated- a dream I had to be better again was little more than a sliver of hope a few years ago- an idea my mind would wander off to- but now I see the day I will be fully cured- I went to many specialists through the years and the last one Dr Garry Mckay cured me when all other specialists would have me not cured- he changed my life- Now My job is to resume both my corporate career and kids entertainment business- but with a difference this time- I am going to help people, communities, Hospitals I am going to make a difference in other peoples lives for the better.

To answer your question- Yes I am working now- I have been for a few years now- When I had the first surgery I was off for 6 months and fell into depression - but I battled that depression and won with no medical aid- I couldn't work the corporate market but I performed for children for a number of years
Yes I worked simultaneously with nursing surgical wounds it was a tough slog for those years but I am working- most of the children testimonials on this site- be aware that I was at the time in pain but the kids never saw it- imagine what I can do without the pain


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Aardy gets a lot of enquiries a day- and when I say alot I mean 20-30 minimum- we thought it would be nice to show just how busy the site is and how busy Aardy is

there is however a delay of 1 minute to up to 15 minutes with each pop up message - so if it says someone has received an sms quote- that could be anywhere between 1 minute ago or 15 minutes ago- it takes time to process- especially the social media mentions