Christening and Holy Communion

Christening and Holy Communion Kids Magician

Similar but not quite the same as Birthday parties, Christenings & Holy communions ( or CHC for short) represent a few issues for the magician with the location and age being the cause of the difficulties.

So Aardy has created a 45 minute package which will run from 45 minutes to 1 hour (more kids = more time) that can work with ages 3-12 and can be performed in the tightest conditions

It includes: (please note it is different from the birthday party magic show packages)

  • Multi age relevant magic show
  • Balloon animals for each child
  • a DVD for each child that teaches magic tricks
  • Showbags are optional at $7 per bag contains 3 magic tricks and a upgrade to the DVD they normally receive which teach the tricks and more



While designed for CHC there are a few considerations :

  • Do not have insanely loud music playing- its impossible to shout over the music for the kids
  • The illusion where we make a child appear does not happen (this is for birthday parties under special conditions and doesn't work in venues)
  • I don't need the microphone as this makes it impossible for parents to "have time away" from the kids. a Microphone leaves the parents no choice but to listen and to be honest it is a kids magic show and not a adult show- they can come close to watch if they want to

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