Corporate Magician

Corporate Magician Sydney

Not just a kids entertainer

I know what you are thinking.... You have an important event, conference, Trade show coming up so why would you hire a Kids Magician? You wouldn't to be honest. But Aardy is not just a Kids Magician, he is a full blown Corporate Magician who performed worldwide

You see Aardy is the Kids Character name- His real name is David Welzman

Services at a glance: 

  • Corporate Family Day Entertainment
  • Cocktail Party Magic
  • Trade Show Magician (crowd Builder)
  • Conference entertainment
  • Christmas Party Magician
  • After Dinner Stage shows
  • Pre Dinner Drinks Ice Breakers

Trade Show Magician

You hire a magician to attract attention and there is no better than David Welzman (aardy) He pulls the largest crowds in the southern hemisphere.
Whats more- he also creates a show about your services so people learn why they should be doing business with you as they see a show

watch the crowd building video above for more info
(You'll see there is far more to working a trade show than just doing tricks)

Corporate Cocktail Party Magician

Roving Magic is the name of this form of magic- it is performed to small groups 0f people either standing like at pre dinner drinks and cocktail parties or it is performed to those who are seated such as a table of 10 at a corporate dinner.

The magic is highly interactive- fast funny and slick and is the perfect entertainment for cocktail parties and pre dinner drinks
watch the video above for more info