Kids Magician Parties

Kids Magician Parties

Two incredible Kids Magician parties for Kids Birthdays honed to perfection from over 2500 performances.
You have the choice of either the 1 hour package or the 2 hour package- nothing is held back in performance- we don't have a 5 star and then a  6 star package and so on, we put our heart, soul, best magic and experience into every performance.

The professional & experienced difference

Aardy's Kids Magician Parties are unlike any others - with an incredible sense of humor that not only gets the kids laughing and screaming but also the adults. His magic is Internationally Award winning (Merlin Award) not the from amateur clubs of Australia (pretending to be Professional awards ie: IBM or Genies)
Aardys Kids Magician Parties are designed to make the birthday child the star of the show, yet at the same time each child is involved in the show. It is very funny and highly interactive as can be seen in the video above
The 2 packages for Birthdays can be customized to your needs however - Aardy is the expert- trust in his experience to deliver the best experience you have ever received

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Detailed Information on the Kids Magician Parties

45 Minute magic Package2 Hour Magic PackageCompare PackagesFrequently Asked QuestionsFREE RSVP

The 45 Minute
Birthday Party Magic Show Package

Trouble Free- Indoors and outdoors

Trivia: As used by Cate Blanchett for her sons 6th birthday party
This Package runs from 45 to 1 hour in duration.
The 45 Minute package at a glance
  • Interactive Comedy Magic Show
  • Balloon animals for each guests
  • Make the Birthday child magically appear Illusion
  • a Magic Lessons DVD for each guest
  • FREE Online RSVP system
Read up below for more details

Kids Magician Parties

Here's what you get:

  • Amazing age relevant Magic Show
  • Performs magic only seen on Saturday Disney
  • Balloon Animals For Each Guest
  • A Magic Lessons DVD for Each Guest
  • Special DVD for the birthday Child
  • FREE access to my online magic lessons ($59 value free)
  • FREE Online Invite & RSVP system for your party
  • Yes we can make the birthday child magically appear before the show (indoors only)
  • Performs some of the magic performed on usa's Great Magicians of the World TV special

Description of the Birthday Party 45 Minute magic show package

Kids Magician Parties. The 45 minute Package is an incredible comedy magic show- to Open the show Aardy makes the birthday child magically appear, Then in a display of skill shows why he is Sydneys number 1 sleight of hand magician with an incredible & funny classical card manipulation act (that he performed a version of on Saturday Disney), with cards seemingly appearing from no where even coming out of his mouth. this gets the kids and adults screaming. Watch Video Click Me
He then attempts to use a magic wand that is very powerful but Aardy can't control it in a hilarious magic gone wrong routine. At this point all the kids are screaming (in a good way) laughing and its a great time to get the birthday child on stage to do the magic.

Your Child has the Magic

Unlike other magicians who do the magic with the assistance of the helper- Aardy is the helper and the birthday child is doing the magic- this creates a better experience and memory for the birthday child who does an amazing rope trick.
Now its time for Aardys Pet puppet raccoon- Rocky is a hilarious routine that kids believe he is real and the adults are laughing all the way. Rocky jumps into the audience and does impersonations. The rest of the show features colorful magic, lots of surprises, flowers and laughter. Aardy also performs a routine from his appearance on Great Magicians of the world (USA TV) using the birthday child and a parent - Aardy shows via magic that they are connected is a powerful and deep performance.
After the show balloon animals are made for each and every Child.  

The 2 Hour Birthday Party
Magic Show & Lessons Package

Sit back relax and let Aardy handle the kids for 2 hours This is 1.5 hours stretched over 2 hours to allow a food break- but you only get charged for the 1.5 hours
The 2 hour package at a glance
  • All children receive a showbag full of tricks (retail value $12)
  • Make the Birthday child magically appear Illusion
  • Balloon animals for each guest
  • Dynamic comedy magic show
  • Upgraded DVD for all guests
  • free access to my Online rsvp system

Kids Magician Parties 2

This package includes
  • Everything in the 1 hour package above
  • Bonus mini magic show
  • Magic lessons
  • Showbags with all the tricks value at $12 per child (no lollies just tricks)
  • Upgraded DVD to reteach all the lessons and more tricks
  • FREE access to my online magic lessons ($59 value free)
  • FREE Online Invite & RSVP system for your

Description of the Birthday Party 2 hour Magic Show & Magic Lessons Package

Kids Magician Birthday PartiesKids Magician Parties. This package is Aardys deluxe package including everything in the 45 minute package above. The party starts with a mini magic show demonstrating the tricks to be taught, then 1 by 1 the tricks are taught- from making a magic wand appear- to floating a toothpic in mid air and more- the tricks are easy but amazing and suitable for age 5+

The format for the 2 hour program is as follows:

  • 10 minutes: Mini magic show opener
  • 35-40 minute magic lessons
  • time for a food break 15-30 minutes (your choice)
  • 40 minute magic show
  • 5-10 minutes Balloon animals for each child
we usually end with enough time to sing happy birthday and cake cutting

Compare Packages below

Compare Kids Magician Parties below.
  • For Ages
  • Magic Show Contents

  • New for 2015- Yes Aardy will make your child magically appear before the show (or if they are shy we can make the parent and child appear)
    I'll need to set up without kids watching- only indoors for this illusion and I'll need to spend 2 minutes with the child to explain what they need to do
    Info-icon Magically make your child appear before the show
  • each age get a different show. for example the 5 year olds gt a different show than the 8 year olds40-45 minute Age relevant magic show
  • I do use the birthday child on stage but the entire audience will be involved as wellEntire audience participation
  • Most magicians do the magic with the child helping- where as in our shows it's the child that does the magic with the magicians help. This is empowering for the child and makes for great moments throughout the show.
    When we use a "volunteer" from the audience it is always the birthday child
    Your Child is the star of the show
  • Gifts for every Child

  • These are included in the 2 hour program as part of the price. They are available for the 45 minute package as an additional cost (see right)Includes Show Bags
  • Balloon Animals for each child
  • YES! every child gets one They teach 3 simplemagic tricks with items found around the home. A DVD for each child
  • Magic Lessons

  • These are the magic lessons taughtAt Party Magic lessons
  • Valued at over $10 eachAll the tricks for the magic lessons
  • the number of tricks depend on the age, number of kids and the age of the party5-7 Amazing tricks to keep
  • These are used a little differently than normal games. If the kids have toomuch energy- games areused to "remove the energy" so that they sit better for the magic lessons- sometimes they are needed and sometimes they are notParty Games
  • This is an interactive mini show at the start of the magic lessons segment and lasts between 10-15 minutes- very interactive and very funnyBonus Magic Show
  • Gifts for Birthday Child

  • This DVD is given to the birthday child andteaches 10 tricksBirthday Child Special DVD
  • These are on our online training site80 FREE Video Magic Lessons for birthday child
  • Party Tools

  • Download and print out- there are 2 invitations available. normal and one that you can use if you use the RSVP systemDownloadable Invites
  • This system allows you to set up an event online and either email the link to friends and family or use a unique password on a physical Invite to the kids school friends. it allows you to track who is coming and how many people are comingOnline RSVP System
  • 45 Minute Package

  • 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • You can purchase these as an extrano These Are an Optional extra at $7 EACH
  • yes
  • yes
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • no
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • 45 Minute Package
  • 2 Hour Package

  • 6 7 8 9 10
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • these bags are given out at the start to hold all the tricks they learn. By the end of the party they can be slightly ruined. If you want to put lollies into these bags- put the lollies into a ziplock bag first and then into these bagsyes Valued at over $12 a bag
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • 2 Hour Package

Frequently Asked Questions For Kids Magician Parties

  • amazing Kids Magician Birthday PartiesWhere are you based:
    Sydney- more accurately Hornsby but I travel all over Sydney- from Berowra to Sutherland and to Penrith and I don't charge extra for travel time.
  • Can you perform outdoors?
    Yes, however the illusion where I make the birthday child appear before the show needs to be performed indoors. Some parents leave that trick out so they can do the event at a park
  • How long are the packages?
    The 45 Minute package runs from 45 minutes to 1 hour- time depends on the number and age of children
    The 2 hour program is actually 1.5 hours stretched over 2 hours to accommodate a food break in the middle
  • Interactive Kids Magician Birthday PartiesDoes the 2 hour program contain showbags?
    Yes, every child gets a showbag with magic tricks and a DVD to teach them the tricks
  • Are their lollies in the showbag?
    No, because you can never know what kids can eat nowadays- what many parents do is put lollies into a clean zip lock bag and they can put those zip lock bags into the showbag (Zip lock bags are for a clean environment for the food)
  • Have you really won awards?
    Yes- I know what you are saying- every other magician says award winning but you need to understand there are amateur clubs that put on awards that professionals do not enter from magic clubs like Genies and IBM- these are pure amateur awards- My award is the Merlin Award which are considered the magician Oscars click here to watch the Merlin Award video
  • Do you really travel overseas to do shows?
    Yes click here to view client feedback from my international shows.
  • aardy kids magician sydneyDo I have to use the free RSVP Online system for my event?
    No, its a free option that is designed to help you if you want it but you don't need to use it
  • Can Adults watch the show?
    Yes Adults will b entertained by the show. The show is aimed at the kids but there is comedy and magic that will entertain and wow no matter what age the audience is
  • When is the best time to start either package?
    give people 30 minutes to arrive (no one turns up on time) so if the party starts at 12:pm- have Aardy start at 12:30pm
Kids Magician Parties  

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