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Step 1- You'll need to register (so that I don't get a lot of spam events)

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Register new account in order to get access to the website.
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Step 2

Submit Your Party

This is where you add your party details- such as time, date, location and event password

Step 3

Invite Guests

You'll be able to Invite guests Via

  • our Built in Mass email sender
  • Facebook Share to friends feature
  • and create your own Invitation- print it out and take them to school using our invitation maker


Online Event Registration AVAILABLE NOW

On the cutting edge of technology- When booking a party with Aardy the magician you get the  Online Event Registration (RSVP System)  for free

This allows your guests to RSVP online to your event any time from any device (mobile, desktop etc)

This also allows you to Invite Guests Via our Built in Email sender, Facebook Invites or Create your own Physical Invitation with out Invitation Maker

You can also see who is coming- download the guest list and everything works on your mobile

With built in features to make it easy such as: (you can test them on the demo click here to see the demo event)

  • Online map and Directions
    (type your address into the field and click enter)
  • Online RSVP field to easily rsvp to a childs party and it also lets you know if more than 1 person is staying at the party
  • how many kids and how many adults will be staying at the party if you allow adults to stay
  • the ability to change your RSVP at any time- No late night calls from parents with sick children
  • Reminder emails to turn up or to update their RSVP- This is vital, I have been to too many events where people have forgotten to turn up- or bring extra children the organiser disn't know about
  • add a photo to the event
  • Set the maximum number of guests (optional)
  • show or hide guests on the event
  • Parents can RSVP more than 1 child- this means no more surprise guests- great for catering
    (Eg in the past you get 1 rsvp and then their 3 younger siblings arrive that you didn't know about)
  • Automatic email reminders sent out to guests to reduce no shows
  • Password protected events so only those who have the password can know the event details
  • add your facebook link so other parents can friend you- Many parents don't know each other and this option makes it easy for people to connect with you

The event manager gets their own special area on the event
(not shown in the demo) including features such as

  • View full guest list
  • Download guests as a csv file (for viewing in excel)
  • Social media invites
  • Email Invites
  • Download & customize physical invitations (for inviting people you don't know their facebook or email)
  • The ability to check guests in and out (useful for very large events)

How much does this cost?

Nothing when you book with Aardy the magician. and for a very limited time free for all (even if you don't book Aardy)



Useful applications:

Birthday Party, Christening and holy communion
The simple way to handle rsvp's for your party

Vacation Care centre's
Ask Aardy how you can set up every activity for your holidays and not just the one you have booked aardy for.
You can have all your RSVP's on 1 page- easy- Aardy will even create your own calendar just for you and a dedicated page

Corporate Events
Not just kids events- any corporate event you have and would like a way to RSVP your guests this is the free solution to you when You book aardy for a show (kids or adults)

Clubs and Associations